• Our Formulation Facility has

  • Small Volume Parentals (Ampoules)
  • Tablets (Uncoated, Film Coated, Sugar Coated, Enteric Coated, Sustained release)
  • Granule Sachets

  • Types of Products Manufactured

  • Sterile Products
  • Non-Sterile Products
  • Nontoxic or hazardous substances


The site is located in fully developed approved S.I.D.C.U.L. (State Industrial Development Corporation Uttarakhand limited) Uttarakhand. The north, South and east sides of the site are bordered by non-polluting neighboring industries and west by road. (Refer Site Plan as per Annexure-I)

The site covers approx. 1960 mt2 area and has facilities to manufacture dosage forms tablets, granule pouches and injections (ampoules).

The product manufacturing in the facility has commenced since March 2010. The areas of various manufacturing sections are as follows:

The site has a well confined common Warehouse (area 420 mt2), which is connected with the production block through an inter connecting covered corridor. It has high rise racks for the storage of raw and finish product, and has a central dispensing area with separate facility for active and excipients dispensing. The packing materials are being stored in basement of the warehouse, wherein, the printed packaging materials are being stored in secured area.